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The trainer of our company is Aigul Kistaubaeva, a dermatocosmetologist with 16 years of experience in international clinical practice (cooperation with clinics in Kazakhstan, Germany, Korea, USA, Russia, Kyrgyzstan).
Basic education - Kazakh State Medical University, Faculty of Pediatrics. Holder of the title "Doctor of the Year-2000" in Almaty.
Permanent participant of international congresses, developer of various author's methods.
Injection procedures are a well-established minimally invasive method of rejuvenation and correction of the face and figure
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Supportive homecare with the effect of injectables
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What people are saying about our product

  • Aigulechka, thank you for my skin, it's glowing! Without photoshop. All the mirrors are mine. 😂😘
    Patient Zaure B.
    41 years old (Almaty)
  • I really liked the B-Matrix procedure, I can see a big difference in effect compared to conventional biorevitalisation
    Patient Meruert A.
    32 years old (Almaty)
  • I am delighted with the product, my face has glowed, I have started to like myself
    Patient Karlygash K.
    60 years old (Almaty)
  • I saw results after 2 procedures, my husband said my face was as smooth as an egg and I notice that my skin is getting better and better every day.
    Patient Aliya K.
    40 years old (Almaty)
  • After a series of procedures, I realised that the difference between B-Matrix and conventional biorevitalisation is the cumulative effect. While hyaluronic acid has an immediate effect and then starts to fade, polylactic acid reveals itself after about 14-28 days and gives a more durable, pronounced and long-lasting result. It is amazing that one preparation gives several effects at once.
    Cosmetologist Aigul T.
  • Very productive training. Competent lecturer, gave a scientific rationale for each product. Very well given practical skills. Thank you very much Dr. Aigul!!! Very friendly team and polite managers!!!
    Alma T.
  • Who has tried it really sees the results.
    Distributor Indira Sh.
  • I like the product a lot, I solve a lot of problems with it.
    Cosmetologist Olga A.
    (Ust Kamenogorsk)
  • I liked the product and will switch to B-Matrix biorevitalisation
    Cosmetologist Valentina M.
  • Can be proud of this product, no allergic reactions, works well, decently.
    Cosmetologist.Flura H.
  • I am a fan of the product, the combination with CO2 laser gives a brighter and more prolonged effect, I can see the clinical effect on VISIA diagnostic machine
    Photo-laser specialist Alexey D.
  • The seminar was very interesting, informative and, in a word, "productive". The preparations turned out to be a "sheet anchor" in the cosmetologist's office. Aigul, thank you for the information!
    Dermacosmetologist Elmira A.
  • Very interesting, as clear as possible with an explanation of all the details, the features of these products, which makes it interesting to use and apply on yourself and your clients, pleasing them with beautiful results.
    Cosmetologist Kymbat D.
  • Aigul - love at first sight! This is how a specialist should be and this is how a beautician should look like!!! Amazingly simple about the complexities! Everything in a nutshell. The preparations want to try now!
    Dermacosmetologist Anastasia R.
  • Excellent presentation by the trainer . Thank you! Will consider the offer of working with polylactic acid.
    Dermacosmetologist Asel I.
  • Easy, accessible, professional, positive. Very friendly assistants and competent speaker!!!
    Dermacosmetologist Marina M.
  • Thank you very much for an interesting seminar and a very competent seminar.
    Natalia S.
  • The seminar was very interesting. The information was accessible, detailed and concise. All my questions were fully answered. I appreciate it, thank you!
    Dermacosmetologist Svetlana K.
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